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    1. Spiderman PS4 Reviews are out - Currently 87 on MetaCritic

      Overall the reviews are looking really great for this. http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/marvels-spider-man Destructoid - Chris Carter - 9 / 10.0 Spider-Man isn't just a great superhero...

      Overall the reviews are looking really great for this.


      Destructoid - Chris Carter - 9 / 10.0

      Spider-Man isn't just a great superhero game, it's a proof of concept for Insomniac as a company. This project shows that they can basically handle pretty much any universe, because if you can accurately recreate Peter Parker's nimbleness and gentle heart you can do anything: and with multiple teasers at the end, I think they'll get that chance.

      Eurogamer - Christian Donlan - Recommended

      A rare harmony of developer and licence makes Insomniac's open-worlder a total treat.

      The Spider-Man difference is glimpsed in everything. Combat, for example, still takes its lifeblood from the freeflow punch-ups of Arkham, but here it's coursing through the veins of a lither, less substantial hero who needs to dance in and out of confrontations taking as few blows as possible and darting up and away to safety when needed. Traversal, which, alongside fighting makes up the core of the game, is a hodgepodge of everything from the elasticated web-slinging of Spider-Man 2 to the up-the-side-of-a-building dash of Prototype, but it's enlivened with a youthful energy, a twist of the hips at the top of each arc, a distinctive and adolescent jumble of shoulders and elbows and legs when perched on top of a finial, that way kids have of being naturally graceful and a complete disaster at the exact same time. Elsewhere, towers unlock the map as in Far Cry, yet it's not a sprawling chunk of wilderness you're exploring but one of the most compact and characterful takes on Manhattan yet seen in a game. There are stealth sequences, QTEs, and boss fights that all take their cues from elsewhere, but the game retains its own personality throughout.

      GameInformer - Andrew Reiner - 9.5/10

      Like Batman: Arkham Asylum before it, Spider-Man raises the bar for one of the world’s most beloved heroes. You feel like you’re doing everything he’s capable of. Insomniac succeeds in making Peter and the supporting cast just as memorable and engaging as the wall crawler. Excitement is delivered consistently from the outside of play right up to the last story frame, which is a real shocker that contains a reveal that will make the wait for the sequel almost unbearable.

      IGN - Jonathan Bornbush - 8.7/10

      I wanted Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 to make me feel like Spider-Man: To sail between the highrises of New York City, to nimbly web up hordes of enemies, and tussle with familiar, animal-themed villains. Insomniac Games’ first foray into the world of Marvel handily delivers on all of that. But what I didn’t expect from Spider-Man was to come away feeling just as fulfilled to have inhabited the life of Peter Parker. Aside from a few odd pacing issues, which momentarily took me out of the experience of being a superhero, and a world of optional missions that don’t always quite live up to the heft of the main story, Insomniac has delivered a Spider-Man story that both surprised and delighted me, coupled with gameplay that made me feel like Spider-Man nearly every step of the way. The Wall Crawler’s open world doesn’t consistently deliver the thrilling moments of its main campaign, but the foundation laid here is undoubtedly a spectacular one.

      Kotaku - Ethan Gach

      As a playground for one of the most idiosyncratic superheroes of all time, Marvel’s Spider-Man is sheer bliss. It’s a sandbox platformer first and foremost, and a damn good one. Throughout playing the game I was constantly hounded by the question of whether these—sublime superhero traversal in a gorgeous, idealized version of New York—were enough. After countless hours spent cleaning up every last icon on the map, I’m convinced they are.

      Polygon - Chelsea Stark - Recommended

      That small example may highlight my biggest criticism of Marvel’s Spider-Man. There aren’t many surprises to the game; despite being an open-world experience, it plays upon a linear story, and the twists that happen feel familiar. The action sequences are breathless and memorable, but after the game’s final act I was left wanting more. Just like a summer blockbuster, Spider-Man leaves too much waiting in the wings for its obviously upcoming sequel.

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