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    1. Musical remixes from non-musical samples

      /// The list so far /// @FluffyKittens mentioned Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica; Nicolas Jaar. @OmniLeft mentioned Rooster Teeth - Facebox; Bernhard Ludescher - Retrowave auctioneer. @kitschqueen...
      /// The list so far ///

      @FluffyKittens mentioned

      @OmniLeft mentioned

      @kitschqueen mentioned

      @cfabbro mentioned

      There are some very groovy mixes out there. Which ones are your favorite?

      Mine is Alice by Pogo, whimsical and slightly spooky, just like the movie it's sampled from.

      So apparently Pogo has held some problematic opinions in the past, I'll go with my second most favorite being this Breaking Bad remix.

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